How Zeteo Works

Dear, Dear Internet,

I hope you are doing well this weekend. Allow me to explain briefly what Zeteo is and how it works. Zeteo is a place for debate and discussion between friends on the most important issues, but we’re coming at these issues from largely different perspectives. John and Eli are atheists while Dan and I are theists. Even though we disagree on the God issue, we all agree that the truth is worth more than anything else, and getting at truth is the goal of this blog.

The way Zeteo works is pretty simple. We’ll take turns choosing an article, video, poetry, whatever, and allow the other members of Zeteo to react to it. I’ll go first and then Eli, followed by Dan and finally John. We’re trying to post a new article every two weeks, so the blog should be updated four or five times every two weeks as each of us responds to article and to each other.

If you’ve got some content that you’d like us to debate/discuss, be sure to send it in or leave a comment.

So, here we go. Let the dialouge (or qutralogue I guess?)  begin!

Yours truly,


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  1. Danielle Plomaritas said:

    What a neat idea! Looking forward to reading what’s to come.

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