The Bible is Wrong

Good afternoon ladies and gents! It’s my turn to post something and I’ve decided to pick on a well-known Bible story about animals, rainbows, and genocide (people tend to talk about the first two more than the genocide.) Of course I’m talking about the story of Noah’s Ark from where God decides that he is displeased with humanity and decides he is going to destroy the entire earth except for Noah, his family, and two of every animal on Earth. I suppose the presence of the animals is what makes this such a popular story for people today, especially children. As a child my own bedroom was decorated in a Noah’s Ark theme, I watched “The Greatest Adventure: Noah’s Ark” and even dreamed of trecking to Mt. Ararat and finding the fabled Ark.

This early indoctrination actually backfired when I became a little bit older and started to realize that story as recounted in Genesis is utterly impossible. Here is a good video that sums up the case against Noah’s Ark quite nicely.

So my question to you Jon is: What should we make of claims of Biblical literalism when the Bible is shown to be literally false?

Much love,


  1. cix said:

    In the story of Adam and eve they are kicked out of Eden, the thing i find amusing is that they are released into a world of people. how can they be the first when there are others present when they are released.

    Remember the book is written by people, “inspired by GOD”. people is general are very self-centered so if a valley is flooded, then the result is that you would feel as if the world had been wiped out, especially when you recall the fact that people use to believe the earth was flat. If you couldn’t see over a hill then its the edge of the earth and that you will fall off. There are plenty of over dramatized stories in the bible.

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